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I’m not here  ———————————-  I’ve moved to forthemoons


there are just some small things to say:

sorry to the people I haven’t replied to, or haven’t spoken to, in months. it’s not you, it’s me, but, sorry.

I no longer have an art tumblr, a personal tumblr, a tumblr for fandom, for words, for fashion, etc - just one where I post only once in a while: forthemoons.tumblr.com - it would be very nice of you to follow me if you would want (except those that know I don’t want them to, please)

this may seem very contradictory to me not keeping contact with people, but, if you want to, maybe we can be penpals for a while, I’ll send you random pictures and leaves and a few words, a mixtape if you’d like.(contact me here on tumblr )

lastly, I’ve asked this a couple times before, but once again: if anyone feels up to it, please send me a voiceclip of anything, you reading a poem, a page, or just rambling about nothing, I appreciate anything - and am still very thankful for those who sent something last time..

may summer bring everyone light, and sleep x

Proteus, 1984 by Cy Twombly

annie lapin
thing that happens to memory, 2013
oil and mixed media on canvas, 32 x 25”

Laura Marling - Kathy’s Song (Simon & Garfunkel)

(Source: the-antidote-is-orgasm, via frogsandcrowns)

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